Eighth Grade Expectations

Redwood High Music Dept.
Ninth Grade Band Entry / Minimum Standard Expectations
Entering into Concert Band / No audition required

Audition required for Adv. Band

Contact Director John Mattern for an audition into any ADVANCED Ensemble: jmattern@redwood.org 
Material for Advanced auditions here:

👉 Download Scale Tempos (pdf)

Play all following major scales by memory, One Octave, m.m. 120 = ¼ note / Played in 8ths.  

Straight 8th and 3rds  

articulations: tongued and slurred  slur 2, t2  / Concert Keys: C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab

Melodic Minor b3 ascending, b7, b6, b3 descending, and Harmonic Minor b3, b6 up and down in these Concert keys:  C, F, Bb,

Tuning: A basic introduction to using a tuner effectively.  and the beginnings of being able to recognize the tendencies of their respective instruments. 

Rhythms:  A solid understanding of rhythmic subdivision.  Quarters, 8ths, 16ths, dotted quarters and dotted 8th -16th

Chromatic Scale:

All instruments must use proper chromatic fingerings

Instrument Requirements
flute low C to F 2.5 8 va’s
clarinet low E to high E 3 8va’s
sax low C to High D
oboe low C to High F
bassoon C-C
trumpet Low G to G 2 8va’s
horn in f G-G
trombone Low F – Bb 1.5 8va’s
tuba low Bb to high Bb 2 8va’s
mallets C-C 3 8va’s

Snare Drum / Percussion / Mallets