Advanced Performance Workshop Audition

To be eligible to enter Advanced Performance Workshop, you must perform the following in a one-on-one audition with the director. Contact John Mattern, (415) 945-3681.

All auditions include:

    • Scales – always memorized
    • Sight reading / chosen by director / basic lead sheet reading
    • Prepared piece / perform a brief 2-3 minute piece.  Vocal-piano or guitar, or drum grooves and solo piece, or bass solo etc.

Must be able to play and or sing all of the following major scales by memory (mm 120= ¼ note) played in 8ths. Straight 8th and 3rds pattern in any key. 

    • Major, Dorian, (Aeolian / Nat. Min.), Harmonic Minor, Mixolydian, Blues Scale, Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic in any of the 12 keys.
    • Chromatic scale 2 octaves

Be able to play and or sing the arpeggios to the following at the same tempo in previous keys.

Major, minor, augmented and diminished triads, as well as, Major 7, Minor 7, Dominant 7, Min 7b5, Diminished 7


    • Vocalists – one octave all scales / solfegge on major, nat. minor and mixolydian
    • Guitar – open D, G, A, E, all others root 5 and root 6 closed position / one octave
    • Bass guitar – one 8va all scales / open D, G, A, E, all others root 4 and 3, closed position
    • Piano – all scales two octaves, right hand
    • Violin / other insts – two octaves all scales

Must have a basic but clear understanding of diatonic chord families, key signatures, and basic I, vi,IV,V, and ii, V, I progressions – Aurally AND Theoretically. 

Drum Set

Be able to play in any of the following styles:

    • Straight rock, 12/8 slow blues, shuffle, 4/4 swing, 5/4 swing, ¾ waltz, bossa nova, funk, rhumba, blues
    • Drummers must play C, G, F, D Major, Dorian, Mixolydian Scales on piano at mm 96 = 1/4 note, played in 8ths.

Click here for Drum Grooves by Alan Hall or google classroom music docs.