Redwood High School Music Boosters

Who We Are

The RHS Music Boosters are the parents of RHS music students, alumni, local community members, RHS and district faculty and staff – essentially anyone who shares the desire to promote excellence, inclusion and student development in the RHS music program.

RHS Music Boosters is organized around fundraising and parent participation in support of the Music Department of RHS. In accordance with Section 501(c)(3), Boosters is a non-profit corporation led by John Mattern, RHS Music Department Director, and a group of volunteer officers. Membership is free and there are no dues nor other financial obligations.

Booster meetings are the main forum for decision making and volunteer coordination. All meetings are open and held monthly during the academic year in the RHS Music Room, typically on the first Monday of the month from 5 – 6 pm.

The bylaws of the RHS Music Boosters can be found here.

What We Do

RHS Music Boosters raises funds to augment the generous support the Music Department receives from the Redwood High School Foundation. A common question is: Why does the Boosters Club do fund-raising when the Music Department already receives support from the Foundation.  The answer relates to “expense scale”.

The Foundation provides for relatively large-scale capital expenditures which, for the Music Department, might relate to a full section instrument upgrade or a material purchase of sound and production equipment.  Boosters funds support day-to-day expenses that occur in the administration of an active program of seven classes and over two hundred regular students.

Put in a different context – say, a hospital – the Foundation provides the operating room and a wide array of the latest surgical equipment. The Boosters helps pay for sponges, masks, and extra rubber gloves.

Booster fundraising activities include the Department’s annual Night Of Blues dance concert, typically held each spring, sales of refreshments at official Music Department performances, and selected other campaigns, such as sales of student recordings or community programs.

All proceeds from fundraising events remain within the RHS Music Department for the benefit of the students enrolled in music classes. We define benefit in many ways including instrument rental, maintenance and repair, small group lessons, transportation to/from approved Department events, guest artists and music profession seminars, score/part transcription, music supplies, recording/production facilities, music composition and editing software, promotion of new classes or class options, administrative support, awards, certificates, Senior Retreat, and other forms of student recognition.

Parent Involvement

It’s very easy to help the Music Boosters. Perhaps the easiest way is to consider making a donation that will directly help the students on the RHS Music Department.  Boosters encourages all families of music students to consider this action as an investment in the culture and excellence that no doubt attracted your child to the Department in the first place.

Beyond the financial aspect, all parents are automatically considered Members, and each is invited to attend a Booster meeting to learn of the near terms Department events and (optionally) choose from an array of voluntary roles to help out. These tasks range from a commitment to bring a plate of baked goods to sell at an event, to actually helping to sell refreshments at event intermission, to volunteering to drive students to/from an event, to writing letters or making follow-up calls, to helping organize some aspect of the Night Of Blues concert.

The most rewarding avenue to help is to take on a more long-lasting role as a Boosters Officer. These roles take a bit more time but make up for that by providing an incredible opportunity to engage with like-minded parents to promote excellence for our children. Officer’s terms typically run one academic year.


For this THUSD academic year:

  • John Mattern, RHS Music Program Director
  • Baird Connor, President
  • Sarah Silverstein, Treasurer
  • Ronnie Sharpe & Cheryl Butler, Night of Blues
Key resources
  • Marie Narlock, RHS Music Department Support Coordinator
  • Ronnie Sharpe, RHS Music Website Coordinator