Christine Donaldson, Class of 2008

Christine is a guitarist, composer, performer and music industry professional. After graduating from the USC Thorton School of Music, she began writing and recording her material with her own band. She currently works for an arts and music funding start-up, while still performing at San Francisco venues such as Hotel Utah and The Lost Church.

Favorite RHS music memory: “Every impactful memory I have of my experience at Redwood ties back to Mr. Mattern. His music room was like a creative oasis for me, where an awkward, quiet, type A teenager could go and transform into a rock star. One day I was practicing jazz guitar during the lunch break when I should have been doing my homework. Mr. Mattern walked over, sat down next to me, and said ‘I want you to know that your success in school is important, and that I know you will always try your hardest to get A’s. But you have a gift. Don’t ever let anything take away the space for music in your life. You have the potential to do incredible things in music.’ My life changed a bit after that. When a teacher sits down and tells you that you owe it to yourself to commit to a dream, you never forget that.”