Gerard Leclerc, Class of 1974

Gerard is an accomplished cello player. Since he left Redwood, Gerard attended the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, followed by studies in Geneva with cellist Maître Pierre Fournier and Jacqueline du Pré in England.

Gerard has played in most European countries as well as the United States and has recorded over 20 CDs, including the complete Cello Concerti of Alain Ridout with the English Chamber Orchestra.

Gerard currently lives in Geneva and teaches in two nearby conservatories.

Favorite RHS music memory: “The great elegance, intelligence and worth of the music teachers present at that time that gave so much more than music – Sidney Gordon and J.D. Nichols and the fabulous events and learning experiences that they were able to afford us at the time. It was a very special and worthwhile place to be!”