Permission Slips

April 30, 2020, San Francisco Symphony Permission Slip
FAQ: Permission Slips
Q. Does my child need a permission slip if I'll be at the event?
A. Yes, all students need permission slips.
Q. Can you use the permission slip I filled out for a different event?
A. No. Each field trip needs its own permission slip.
Q. My child is 18. Can he sign his own permission slip?
A. No. It still needs to be signed by a parent.
Q. I'm driving just my child to a field trip. Do you need any forms?
A. Yes, your child needs a permission slip and you need to turn in the driver and chaperone forms plus your Insurance Declarations document.
Q. What is an Insurance Declarations document?
A. This is a page of your automobile insurance policy period, coverage limits, and other key information. You can usually access this document online. Some insurers require that you make a phone call. All field trip drivers must turn in the school driver form, chaperone form, AND and Insurance Declarations document.
Q. Can my child drive to field trips?
A. That's up to you as a parent. If your child's teacher indicates that student drivers are allowed, you can decide whether your student has the experience and maturity to drive other students. Note that the law states that drivers who have had their license less than one year may NOT drive other students.
Q. My child doesn't have health insurance. Can she still attend the event?
A. Yes. The district provides temporary health insurance.
Q. Why do you need permission slips well in advance of the event?
A. If you are driving OR chaperoning at an event, the district requires this form, which provides your contact and medical info in the event of an emergency.
Q. What happens if my child doesn't turn in a permission slip by the due date?
A. Your child will not be able to attend the event.
Q. Is the information I provide kept confidential?
A. Yes, the forms are destroyed after the field trip.