Symphonic Band Audition

Standard Requirements

To be eligible to enter Symphonic (Advanced) Band, you must perform the following in a one-on-one audition with the director. Contact John Mattern, (415) 945-3681.

All Auditions Include:

    • Scales – Always Memorized
    • Sight – Reading, chosen by director
    • Prepared Piece – For any audition or played test for the director, you must perform a brief prepared piece of solo literature, in classical / concert style, written or memorized. Can be taken from a duet, solo, chamber, or an excerpt from large ensemble music. Contact Director for clarification.

Must be able to play all following scales by memory , One Octave, ¼ note / Played in 8ths.  Straight eighth and 3rds pattern.  Metronome markings here: Download Scale Tempos (pdf)

Articulations: tongued, slurred, t-2, slur 2 / slur 2, t-2 from all 12 concert keys: G, C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db

Melodic Minor b3 ascending, b7, b6, b3 descending, and Harmonic Minor in these Concert keys: 

    • C, F, Bb
    • The Two Whole Tone Scales 1 octave
    • Concert Bb 8 note diminished scale  / slurred / legato / half-whole….etc.
    • Concert Bb 4 note diminished chord, 1 octave

Chromatic Scale:

All instruments must use proper chromatic fingerings and 

Instrument Requirements
Flute C-C 3 8 va’s
Clarinet low E to high E 3 8va’s
Sax low Bb to High F
Oboe low Bb to High F
Bassoon C-C
Trumpet C-C 2 8va’s
Horn in f G-G
Trombone E-E 2 8va’s
Tuba low Bb to high Bb 2 8va’s
Mallets C-C 38va’s

Snare Drum / Percussion / Mallets